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Watch The Best Stand Up Comedy Specials from 2000-2002

Our hilarious comedy movie directory features some of the best stand up comedy performances to watch from: 2000, 2001 and 2002. Some of the stand up comedians featured in this directory include: Lisa Lampanelli, Dave Chappelle, Jamie Foxx, Cedric The Entertianer, Martin Lawrence and many others.

the Best Stand Up Comedy Specials: 2000-2002

Andrew Dice Clay: Im Over Here Now (2000)Andrew Dice Clay
I'm Over Here Now
Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly (2000)Dave Chappelle
Killin' Them Softly
The Original Kings of Comedy (2000)Latham Entertainment
The Original Kings of Comedy
George Carlin: Complaints & Grievances (2001)George Carlin
Complaints & Grievances
Steve Harvey: One Man (2001)Steve Harvey
One Man
Alex Thomas: Straight Clownin' (2002)Alex Thomas
Straight Clownin'
Cedric The Entertainer: Starting Lineup (2002)Cedric The Entertainer
Presents: Starting LineUp
Jamie Foxx: I Might Need Security (2002)Jamie Foxx
I Might Need Security
Lisa Lampanelli: The Queen of Mean (2002)Lisa Lampanelli
The Queen of Mean
Martin Lawrence: Live - Runteldat (2002)Martin Lawrence
Live - Runteldat
Michael Colyar: The Michael Colyar Project (2002)Michael Colyar
The Michael Colyar Project