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My name is Charles Sciascia, creator of LookLaugh Comedy, President of Webivate, Inc. and Founder of I am an internet entrepreneur from Buffalo, NY with a comedic sense of humor.

Our Mission

On September 22nd, 2008, I registered and my mission was to create a website for people like myself who enjoy all types of comedy. I understand the importance of laughter in life and this website is dedicated to providing its visitors with free content thats updated daily. There is no better feeling in life, than when you laugh until you cry and we hope that the content and comedians we present to you can make that happen.

Whether you enjoy Stand Up Comedy, Funny Viral Videos, Funny Radio Stations or Hilarious Comedy Movies, has alittle something for everybody. Laughter is like medicine, and LookLaugh Comedy is dedicated to deliver its visitors with a free daily dose.

You can't put a price on laughter

How We Keep Our Content Free

LookLaugh Comedy is able to offer you the best Comedy Sitcoms, Stand Up Comedy Videos, and TV Series in the world, free of charge. This is made possible by Hulu's partnership with national produciton networks & Google's advertisement programs called Adsense & AdWords.

Everytime you watch a video or visit a new page on our site, targeted links are generated and displayed on the page using Google Adsense. The links selected to be displayed are based on several crieteria including:

  • The Content on that page
  • Your past viewing history
  • Geographic Location
  • Age, Gender, and much more...

This allows us to provide you with relevent ads that are targeted to you and not a general population. This new type of advertising has revolutionized the way advertisers connect with consumers like yourself.

How We Make Money

Google makes billions of dollars per year from advertisers who setup a Google AdWords Account to launch a pay-per-click marketing campaign for their product or service. A Portion of that money is paid out to web publishers like, that utilize Google Adsense to display those ads on their website. Each time a user clicks on these ads, we receive a portion of the revenue. This allows us to not only provide you with relevant advertisements, but allows us to monetize our free content.

We also offer an option for advertisers who would like to promote themselves, their business or a product on our website. To learn more about this, please visit our Advertise With Us section.

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You can also help contribute to our success by making a small donation that will go towards improving this sites conent and functionality. The money collected will also go towards: hosting fees, website maintenance, domain name registration & renwal and the time and effort put in to making this the best website for comedy. We understand the importance of laughter in everyday life and this website is dedicated to providing its visitors with new content daily.